Show and Tell

We take existing tech and apply it in innovative ways  - creating world-class content and products that millions of girls use and love.


A Digital Big Sister

A non-judgemental chatbot for girls feeling anxious about sex and relationships

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A free-to-access website, designed for low-end phones and low-bandwidth environments, that gives girls a space to learn

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Chhaa Jaa’s Mobile Video Content

Three digital video properties designed for the new-age, digitally savvy, Indian adolescent girls - on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

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Interactive Audio Stories

Creating interactive and engaging content for all girls, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) can be accessed on any phone

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BBG showcase- Chhaa Jaa's Online Community

Our first online community, Bak Bak Gang is a Facebook Group for girls that allows them to share their stories and build community

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An android app and content management system that empowers girls to become researchers in their communities

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Yegna's TV Drama

A serialised drama that tackles difficult social issues with warmth, humor and music

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Zathu band


Using the power of music to tackle the challenges of growing up

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