To reach girls who may only have access to low-fi or feature phones, we have utilised IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology and given it a new purpose; creating interactive dramas for girls in Tanzania, Rwanda and Nigeria to dial into and enjoy.

Girls Connect

Girl Effect’s first pilot into IVR technology was Girls Connect in Nigeria; a personalized experience for girls where they could access on-demand content and conversations. Girls and young women kip could dial a free number to hear stories about young women facing widespread pressures - such as early marriage and the struggle to get an education - before being transferred to a “role model” (a specially trained call operative) to talk them through what they had heard. During the ten-month pilot, the service received over 900,000 calls, and the learnings applied to our subsequent programmes in Tanzania and Rwanda.


Tujibebe is our mobile-based brand in Tanzania, focussed on uniting young people through shared experiences, equipping them with the right skills and confidence to navigate adolescence. Its offers girls interactive, on-demand IVR audio content, featuring inspirational stories, top tips and quizzes, free to access on Tanzania’s biggest network provider, Vodacom. Since launching in 2019, the line has received more than 1.1 million calls and 660,000 unique callers.

Ni Nyampinga

Ni Nyampinga - our youth brand in Rwanda - is known by 79% of Rwandans (6.6 million people) and consumed regularly by 3.6 million people - through a radio talk-show and radio drama, magazine, network of girl ambassadors and clubs, and digital platforms.


In Rwanda, girls can phone in to catch up on the latest episode of the Sakwe talk show and ask a question to the show’s agony aunt.


1. Girls Connect Greeting

When a girls dials Girls Connect for the first time, she is greeted by a voice menu where she is given a selection of options for her to choose from.


2. Interactive Stories

After the greeting, a girl is provided with four characters and their stories to listen to. In this way, she is in control of her journey  and the choices she makes. 


3. The Story of Efe

Having chosen her character, a girl is now able to go on a journey with her character starting with episode 1.