Chhaa Jaa’s mobile video content

Chhaa Jaa’s mobile video content

Chhaa Jaa is a digital-first youth brand that inspires, informs and equips girls in India with the right skills and confidence to navigate adolescence - from accessing information about sexual and reproductive health, to negotiating with parents about choices for their education, to preparing to find a first job.


We've created an ecosystem of digital content and experiences centred around three different video properties: a sketch comedy show, Arre Sun Na; a no-nonsense, straight-to-camera 'how-to' series, Khullam Khulla; and our talk-show with a frank and friendly gynecologist, Tumhaari Meri Baatein. Since launching last year, Chhaa Jaa has reached 5.5 million girls.

Arre Sun Na (Hey! Listen!) is a sketch comedy that brings to life the various relationships in an adolescent girls life. Designed around Sweety, her best friend, boyfriend and family, the web series aims to help adolescent girls build the need for resilience while negotiating their relationships, in turn building their confidence in their agency and belief that their choice matters too! All with a high dose of desi humor.


Arre Sun Na (ASN)

Watch the first episode of Arre Sun Na and meet our key characters, Sweety and Tanu.

A face to camera myth-busting format Khullam Khulla (Talk Openly! Without Hesitation!) is designed to normalise conversations around menstrual health, contraception and sexual health. Rani, our much loved role-model does this by by providing no-nonsense, no judgement, just-the-right information about girls bodies and the changes that puberty and hormones bring to it.


Khullam Khulla (KHK)

Watch our role-model, Rani, tackle the subject of period problems in this episode.

Tumhaari Meri Baatein (Conversations between You and I) is a talk show format that is designed as a conversation between Rani and a friendly and real-life gynaecologist Dr. Chitwan Dubey. The show discusses the relevance and necessity for girls to reach out to gynaecologists and doctors not just for cure but also to get credible information.


Tumhaari Meri Baatein (TMB)

Dispelling myths, dispensing facts and showing girls there is help at hand.