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Inspiring girls in India to take control of their health and futures through digital content

India is a country at the forefront of the digital revolution, which opens up unprecedented opportunities to reach and inspire girls to take control of their futures. In collaboration with Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), Girl Effect has built Chhaa Jaa - a digital-first youth brand that helps girls in India make choices about their health and relationships. In a country where sex education is hard to come by, and rigid gender norms often hold girls back from educational and economic opportunities, Chhaa Jaa supports girls to gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to navigate adolescence and take control of their bodies and futures.  

CIFF’s support has helped unlock girls’ access to information and services about sexual and reproductive health (SRH) via engaging digital content. Reaching girls aged 16-19 years in India’s Hindi-speaking belt, the aim of the partnership is to prevent teenage pregnancies and equip girls to make choices about their health that set them up to take greater control of their future.

This two-year partnership will enable Girl Effect and CIFF to meet girls where they are online - primarily through video content across multiple social media platforms. 

When commencing the partnership, Hisham Mundol, Executive Director of India and Child Protection at CIFF, said: 

"We are proud and excited to partner with Girl Effect. Their model – which is a combination of fit-for-purpose digital channels, brand and community building as well as giving voice and knowledge to young girls – holds enormous promise in India. This will serve hundreds of thousands of young lives."

Girl Effect and CIFF share a vision of using digital media to connect girls to real-life services. The partnership is increasing girls’ knowledge about sexual and reproductive health, their intention to access services, and their uptake of those services when they need them.

Working from the shared principle that engaging branded content can successfully practice healthy behaviours, Girl Effect and CIFF continually test content to find messaging that is relevant for girls, motivating them to take action when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health.

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Chhaa Jaa: helping girls in India make choices about their health and relationships.


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