European Business University (EBU) of Luxembourg

Providing young people with employable skills for their futures

The European Business University of Luxembourg is a non-profit organization dedicated to making education affordable, accessible, and equitable. EBU adheres to the Triple Bottom Line in this order, People, Planet, before Profit and aspires to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Quality Education. 

To achieve our goal of making education affordable, accessible, and equitable, EBU launched the Certificate scholarship program, which targets people in need in Asia, South America, and Africa. Through its partnership with Girl Effect, EBU has provided 100 scholarships to anyone working with Girl Effect to participate in EBU's online Certification Scholarship Program.

From Africa to Asia, Girl Effect works with and employs many young people aged between 16 - 24, including Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGAs), Brand Ambassadors, girl-journalists, and cast members. Every term, students can select one or more courses from the various available options.

Students receive a certificate upon completion of the program, which gives them a broader perspective of entrepreneurial value creation as well as answers to global issues concerning from business ethics to gender inequality. The program is intended to motivate, engage, and encourage young people to gain confidence through access to high-quality education at a low commitment fee of 10 Euros.

The Scholarship Courses allow students to strengthen their CVs for future job applications, become scholarship ambassadors making their own money, learn transferable skills from a prestigious global institution, and connect with people from all over the world through live classes each week with their professors and classmates.

Academic Dean, Dr. James Mulli, said: "Together with Girl Effect, EBU is providing young women with employable skills for their futures by making their education affordable, accessible, and equitable."


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