Using technology to scale one-on-one support for girls

Since 2016, we have worked with iSON to build a product which blends what we both do best: Girl Effect’s media and storytelling to reach and inspire girls, and iSON’s technology to communicate at scale. Together we created Girls Connect, an innovative approach to reach girls and provide the support they need in life, based on principles that can work at scale.

iSON Group is one of Africa’s leading IT and ITeS companies, with a strong presence in 22 African countries, Middle East and ASEAN region with a team of over 12,500 staff. It serves 400 million customers through 25 global on-shore centers, providing Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Mobility, Customer Experience Management, ERP, AI, Robotics Voice and CRM process solutions.

Through its dedication to investing in Africa, iSON Group has been awarded a series of accolades including being recognised as 2017 SERAS Award Winner for Best Company in Poverty Eradication and Best New Entry for West Africa, as well as 2016 Great Place to Work Bright Spot Award for ‘Best Practices’ and ‘CSR’, Nigeria.

Our work with the iSON Group has led to the development of Girls Connect, a mobile information platform for girls. The product we created together utilises iSON's expertise in IVR technology and BPO efficiencies, along with its network of female call operatives to deliver conversations and real-time content for girls. Coupled with Girl Effect's expertise in designing solutions through inspiring and informative content for girls, the collaboration has the ability to work at scale.


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