KaiOS Technologies

Closing the digital divide by reaching more girls with content that can improve their lives

Millions of people around the world are accessing the internet for the first time. At Girl Effect, part of what we do is create safe spaces online that are ready-made for girls and that they can trust — to meet them where they are already looking for information or increasingly will be. Since 2019, we have partnered with KaiOS Technologies to ensure that when girls come online they can access content that equips and motivates them to make choices that change their lives. 

KaiOS Technologies is an operating system for smart feature phones that increases the affordability of internet-connected devices. The operating system is running on over 110 million devices around the world, with a strong presence in Southeast Asia, Americas, Europe and across the African continent.

We work with KaiOS Technologies to provide Springster content to mobile users in Africa via ‘Life’, a curated content directory which is available for download via the KaiStore. Available content categories range from women’s empowerment, health, education and agriculture, to financial inclusion and digital skills. Springster is our mobile-first safe space that digitally connects marginalised and vulnerable girls in over 50 countries to online content designed to equip them with the knowledge, confidence and connections they need to navigate the complex choices of adolescence.

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