Rwandan Girl Guides Association

Bringing youth brand, Ni Nyampinga, to life in schools and communities

Ni Nyampinga prints 100,000 copies of the magazine every quarter, with the aim of distributing them in all 30 districts around the country. To help us reach girls around the country, even in refugee camps and far flung areas, the Rwandan Girl Guides Association has recruited and managed our brand ambassadors since 2014. 

These 30 girl ambassadors distribute our magazines, conduct activities for girls in schools and communities and engage with self-starting Ni Nyampinga clubs in their respective districts. Aged between 19-25, these girls are seen as leaders and role models and are in frequent communication with our teams in Kigali to feed back story ideas and news from their communities. Not only do they distribute the magazines, but they also introduce and engage girls with the Ni Nyampinga brand, ensuring it becomes an unstoppable girl-led movement in Rwanda.

Over half of all girls aged 10-19 in Rwanda have consumed the Ni Nyampinga magazine or radio show, with 95,000 forming clubs.

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Developed by girls for all young people

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